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9th - 12th Grade


1st Hour

HS HISTORY - Early Church and Early Medieval

Tutor: Arlea Swager

Course Description:

In this class, we will look at the creation of the early church as well as it’s effect on the secular peoples around it. We will explore the narrative of salvation history with the rise of the Roman Empire and the "Pax Romana." This volume focuses on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, how the early Church was affected by the cultural surroundings and times, as well as the effects that early Christians had upon the empire itself.


As the Church continues to grow, we will follow the Christian missionary movements beyond Rome, to the lands of the Germans, the Celts, Franks, and ending with the rise of Charlemagne. The Church moves forward into the early medieval period of history, spreading to new nations and replacing the Roman Empire with the Holy Roman Empire.


This is a lecture style class which requires around 4-5 hours of reading/study per week. Grading consists of quiz and test grades along with a project/book report for each semester.

Required Texts:

  1. Penguin Atlas of Ancient Rome, edited by Chris Scarre

  2. The Great Heresies, by Hilaire Belloc

  3. Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know, by Diane Moczar

  4. Textbook Light to the Nations: Part One, by the Catholic Textbook Project

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit

COST: $200

2nd Hour

HS SCIENCE - Physics

Tutor: Matthew Montgomery


Course Description:

This year we will be covering physics. Our textbook will be the third edition of "Introductory Physics" by John Mays. It is strongly recommended that students have completed at least pre-algebra and/or are taking algebra concurrently with physics. Classroom meetings will include instruction over the chapter, as well as labs to reinforce important topics covered in the chapters. Outside of class, students can expect to keep up with the readings, as well other supplemental material such as articles, videos, mini labs and other activities.


Topics we will be covering will include: Motion, Energy, Momentum, Atoms and Matter, Heat and Temperature, Pressure, Sound and Light, Electricity, and DC circuits.

Required Texts*:

  1. Introductory Physics, 3rd Edition by John Mayes

  2. Experiments for Introductory and Accelerated Physics and Chemistry

  3. Solutions Manual to Accompany Introductory Physics

Materials Needed:

  • Three ring binder, Loose leaf paper or lined notebook, Graph Paper, Index cards

  • Pencil, ruler, and Scientific calculator (optional)

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit, 1 Lab Credit


COST: $200, lab fee included

3rd Hour

HS LITERATURE: Early Church and Early Medieval

Tutor: Arlea Swager

In this class, We will explore three classics of Western Literature, starting with the smaller pieces; Julius Caesar and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, then working our way up to a Tale of Two Cities, a complex and interesting novel that sheds some light into the myriad of struggles we face in our society today.


I am really excited to bring some of the richness found in our classics to your students. I hope to help them to better appreciate the classics that are so often neglected in our modern society. We have an abundance of knowledge available to us, if only we open the spine of a good book!


This class will require the student to bring their notebook to class to ensure everyone is keeping up with the reading. This is a discussion-style class which requires around 3-4 hours of reading/study per week. Participation consists of writing the required notebook assignments along with classroom participation. There will also be graded quizzes and tests.


We will be using the Memoria Press literature textbook series for our notebook assignments and tests.

Required Texts:

  1. Julius Caesar (Ignatius Critical Edition), by William Shakespeare

  2. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Penguin Classics Edition), translated by Brian Stone

  3. A Tale of Two Cities (Ignatius Critical Edition), by Charles Dickens

  4. Julius Caesar Student book (Memoria Press), by Brooke Riddell

  5. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Student book (Memoria Press), by David M. Wright

  6. A Tale of Two Cities Student book (Memoria Press), by David M. Wright

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit

COST: $200

4th Hour - First Semester

HS THEOLOGY - Ascension Presents BIBLE VENTURE by Mark Hart

Tutor: Leigh Born

(Offered from September through December on a bi-monthly basis from 12:15-1:00, during and after lunch time. We will enjoy food & fellowship while opening our minds :) )


Venture: The Bible Timeline for High School introduces teenagers to the “big picture” of salvation history in a way that is simple to understand and easy to teach. It uses the revolutionary Great Adventure Bible Timeline® Learning System that hundreds of thousands of Catholic adults have used to learn the Bible. This eight-lesson program will get teens to open their Bibles and learn the story of salvation history—from Genesis to Revelation—with a focus on God’s covenants and biblical characters. Once teens understand the Bible, their faith will become a relevant and indispensable part of their lives. The Venture Student Workbook and The Bible Timeline Chart for Teens received a nihil obstat and imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in March 2022 and February 2022, respectively. The Venture Leader’s Guide has also been submitted for imprimatur and is currently under review.

Checkout the preview here:

COST: $50

4th Hour - Second Semester

HS THEOLOGY - Ascension Presents YOU. Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body

Tutor: Leigh Born

(Offered from January through May on a bi-monthly basis from 12:15-1:00, during and after lunch time. We will enjoy food & fellowship while opening our minds :) )


In an age of “selfies” and egocentrism, YOU cuts through the noise to present an authentic view of the human person. It presents young people with the extraordinary story of their creation as unrepeatable individuals. But the program doesn’t stop there. YOU. Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body introduces teens to the truth that life is not, in fact, all about them; it is about going out of themselves to be a sincere gift for others. This program has received a Nihil obstat & Imprimatur.


Check out the preview here:


COST: $50

Evening Option

HS THEOLOGY - St. Augustine

Tutor: Matthew Montgomery

This year we will be exploring St. Augustine’s “City of God”. In arguably one of the greatest works by one of the greatest philosophical and theological minds, St. Augustine rebuts the claim that it was Christianity that brought about the fall of Rome. Instead, St. Augustine argues that it was Rome’s Paganism that led to its own destruction. He does this by comparing the city of God and the earthly city. Some themes that we will explore are eternal life and the inadequacy of polytheism; Pagan Deities, Demons, and Christian Angels; Christian Worship with Platonic Theology; Creation and the two societies of Angels; Created Wills and the distinction of Good and Evil; Adam’s sin and its consequences; the end and punishment of the earthly city; Separation of the two cities during the Last Judgment and much more.

This class will be offered two Thursday evenings per month from 6:30-9:00pm outside of co-op. If you are interested, please contact Anne Shank at for more details.

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