9th - 12th Grade


HS HISTORY - American History

Tutor: Arlea Swager

Course Description:

In this class, we will look at the creation of the Americas starting with the early settlers and ending with the formation of the United States as a nation. In our second semester we’ll focus on how we came from a monarchy to embracing democracy, as well as looking at some of our founding documents that helped build our culture as a nation. We will also touch base with some of the saints that helped build this nation through their sacrifice and tenacity.

*We will be using the RC History, Connecting with History program as a Co-op. Each family participating in the program is required to purchase the Volume 4 syllabus (licensing requirement).

Required Texts:
Lands of Hope and Promise textbook (Catholic Schools Textbook Project) ISBN: 978-1-935644-36-1
Keys to American History:Understanding our Most Important Historic Documents (Richard Panchyk) ISBN:978-1-55652-804-0
American Saints: Five Centuries of Heroic Sanctity on the American Continents (John F. Fink) ISBN 0-8189-0900-5

*We will also have an assigned book report and project but those will not be core books.

COST: $200

HS SCIENCE - Chemistry

Tutor: Matthew Montgomery


Course Description:

This course is a mastery-based introduction to chemistry which is designed to prepare students for future high school and college-level studies in science. Throughout the course, students will develop good technical communication skills, both verbal and written, as they learn about: The structure of atoms, the periodic table, chemical bonding, the nature of metals, chemical reactions, kinetic theory, gas laws, acids and bases, thermochemistry, redox reactions, and organic chemistry. At the end of the year, students will have a grasp of the chemical world around them and understand how chemistry can be used in their daily lives to solve problems.

Students should come to class prepared to discuss lessons, work through difficult problems, and perform labs. In order to succeed in this class, students must read the material beforehand and come to class with questions from the reading.

Additional class time may be required on lab or test days. Grades will be based upon class participation, weekly quizzes, lab reports, and semester exams. Students should expect to spend four to five hours per week outside of class on homework.

Required Texts*:

Chemistry for Accelerated Students, 2nd Edition , from Novare Science and Math

Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home, from Novare


Optional Texts*:

Solutions Manual to Accompany Chemistry for Accelerated Students, from Novare

Students who would like help with working out the calculation problems may find the Solutions
Manual useful to be a useful supplement. (The Solutions Manual does not contain the answers to
the problems.)

* Buy the bundle of three books here.

Materials Needed:

  • Three ring binder, Loose leaf paper or lined notebook, Graph Paper, Index cards

  • Pencil, ruler, and Scientific calculator (optional)

  • Safety goggles are mandatory for labs

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit, 1 Lab Credit


COST: $300, lab fee included


Tutor: Matthew Montgomery

This class will be offered in the evening outside of co-op. If you are interested, please contact Peggy Flanagan at mi.flan7clan@yahoo.com for more details.