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9th - 12th Grade


1st Hour

HS HISTORY - Late Medieval through the Reformation

Tutor: Arlea Swager

Course Description: In this class, we will begin by looking at the feudal world in Europe and the Church’s role in helping it to grow and flourish.

As the power of the Church becomes tied to the political affairs of the western world, we will follow the rise and fall of nations, the flowering of the Renaissance, as well as the seeds of the Reformation. By the end of the year, students will have a better understanding of the forces which brought the European nations to explore the “New World” as well as the ideas which helped shape the America’s new outlook on rulers and the ruled.

Required Texts:

  1. The Great Heresies (Hilaire Belloc)

  2. Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know (Diane Mozcar)

  3. Light to the Nations (Catholic Textbook Project)

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit

COST: $200

2nd Hour

HS SCIENCE - Biology

Tutor: Matthew Montgomery


Course Description from the publisher's website:
General Biology is a brilliant new high school biology text that combines up-to-date science with a Christian worldview and the mastery-based educational philosophy for which Novare is known.

The book starts at the atomic level and progresses to ever-larger scales: cells, genes, microorganisms, plants, animals, and human organ systems. Each chapter includes straightforward learning objectives, exercises that call for both clear articulation of thoughts and full-sentence answers, and an organization of topics that steadily builds chapter by chapter. The final chapters of the book survey ecology and the theory of evolution. Read our FAQ to learn more about how we approach the subject of evolution.

Like all Novare texts, mastery-based learning methods are an essential part of General Biology, propelling students not only to learn but also to substantially retain the content for years after completing the course. The book succinctly and logically covers a wide array of information in a modest number of pages, making it a pleasure to read. Brilliant and beautiful graphics, which appear on almost every page, draw students into mature engagement with the content.

Read the FAQ to learn more about how Classical Academic Press approachs the subject of evolution.

Pre-Requisites and expectations: Since there is very little math, it might be beneficial to have taken a pre-algebra or introductory algebra course, but it is not required. Each student will be expected to put in a minimum of 2 hours a week but could be as much as 6 hours per week. It all depends on what we are doing in class for the week and topic difficulty. To be most successful in class, it is recommended to study a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  You can expect that we will go through a chapter every week to every two weeks.

Required Texts*:

  1. Textbook: General Biology 1st Edition, by Heather Ayala and Katie Rogstad

  2. Lab Manual: The Apprentice's Companion for General Biology, by Heather Ayala and Katie Rogstad

Materials Needed:

  • Three ring binder, Loose leaf paper or lined notebook, Graph Paper, Index cards

  • Pencil, ruler, and Scientific calculator (optional)

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit, 1 Lab Credit


COST: $200, lab fee included

3rd Hour

HS LITERATURE - European Literature

Tutor: Arlea Swager

Class Description: In this class, we will get to read three great classics, using the Memoria Press literature text books as our guides.

I am excited to bring some of the richness found in our classics to your students. I hope to help them to better appreciate the classics that are so often neglected in our modern society. We have an abundance of knowledge available to us, if only we open the spine of a good book!

This class will require the student to bring their notebook to class to ensure everyone is keeping up with the reading. This is a discussion-style class which requires around 3-4 hours of reading/study per week. Participation consists of keeping a notebook (provided) along with classroom participation. There will also be graded quizzes and tests.

Required Texts:

  1. Hamlet (Ignatius Critical Edition), by William Shakespeare

  2. Jane Eyre (Ignatius Critical Edition), by Charlotte Bronte

  3. Pride and Prejudice (Ignatius Critical Edition), by Jane Austin

  4. Hamlet Student book (Memoria Press), by David M. Wright

  5. Jane Eyre Student book (Memoria Press), by David M. Wright

  6. Pride and Prejudice Student Guide (Memoria Press), by David M. Wright

Course Credit: 1 High School Credit

COST: $200

Evening Theology Option


Tutor: Matthew Montgomery

This year we will be exploring some of the works of C.S. Lewis:


  • The Screwtape Letters

  • The Great Divorce

  • The Problem with Pain

This class will be offered two Thursday evenings per month from 6:30-9:00pm outside of co-op. If you are interested, please contact Anne Shank at for more details.

COST: $50 per semester

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