9th - 12th Grade



Tutor: Jamin Herold

Since the beginning of the Church there has been a need to defend the teachings of the church, an apologia.  This course will assist students in learning how all teachings of the Church are based in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Traditions, and are found in the basic and initial proclamation of the faith.  Students will learn how to listen to someone who has an opposing viewpoint, analyze their argument, and articulate a counter argument.  Major arguments against the faith modern students encounter will be examined and the Church’s teachings will be learned.  Students will be able to think logically, find the teachings of the church, and defend the faith.  The defense of the faith will be learned  both as an academic defense, and also as a method of encounter and accompaniment with those who disagree with the faith. 

Required Text: From Formed.com, we'll use Why Believe? Volumes 1 and 2

COST: $250

HS HISTORY - Early Church and Early Medieval

Tutor: Arlea Swager

In this class, we will look at the creation of the early Church as well as it’s effect on the secular peoples around it. We will explore the narrative of salvation history with the rise of the Roman Empire and the "Pax Romana." This volume focuses on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, how the early Church was affected by the cultural surroundings and times, as well as the effects that early Christians had upon the empire itself.

As the Church continues to grow, we will follow the Christian missionary movements beyond Rome, to the lands of the Germans, Britains, the Celts, Franks, and ending with the age of the Vikings. The Church moves forward into the early medieval period of history, spreading to new nations and replacing the Roman Empire with the Holy Roman Empire.

*We will be using the RC History, Connecting with History program as a Co-op. Each family participating in the program is required to purchase the Year 2 syllabus (licensing requirement).

Required book list:

1. Rhetoric Core Volume 2

Included in this set:

(Butler's) Lives of the Saints: For Every Day in the Year
Penguin Atlas of Ancient Rome
Penguin Atlas of Medieval History
The Great Heresies
A Graphic Life of Jesus Christ
Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know
Epic Journey Through Church History Chart
Celebrating 2000 Years of Christian History

2. Light to the Nations textbook (you'll see this as an "add-on" when you reach the rhetoric core page--you can also search for it separately; it is also used for year 3)

3. Lives from Plutarch

Please read the following letter from the tutor regarding the class:

COST: $250


Tutor: Peggy Flanagan


Course Description:

This course is a mastery based introduction to physics which is designed to prepare students
for future high school and college level studies in science. Throughout the course students will
develop good technical communication skills, both verbal and written, as they learn about: The
Nature of Scientific Knowledge, Motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Energy, Momentum,
Atoms,/Matter/Substances, Heat/Temperature, Pressure/Buoyancy, Waves/Sound/Light,
Introduction to Electricity, DC Circuits, Fields/Magnetism, and Geometric Optics. Students
should come to class prepared to discuss lessons, work through difficult problems, and perform
labs. Additional class time may be required on lab or test days.

Grades will be based upon class participation, weekly quizzes, lab reports, and semester
exams. Students should expect to spend three to four hours per week outside of class on

Algebra 1 is required as a concurrent or pre-requisite course.

Required Texts:

Introductory Physics, 2nd Edition , from Novare Science and Math                   

Optional Texts:

Solutions Manual for Introductory Physics, 2nd edition

Students who would like help with working out the calculation problems may find the Solutions
Manual useful to be a useful supplement. (The Solutions Manual does not contain the answers to
the problems.)

Materials Needed:

  • Three ring binder, Loose leaf paper or lined notebook, Graph Paper, Index cards

  • Pencil, ruler, and Scientific calculator (optional)

  • Safety goggles are recommended for some labs.

Course Credit:             1 High School Credit, 1 Lab Credit


COST: $200 with an additional $50 lab fee


939 Charlotte Avenue
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States