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Pre-School - 12th Grade


The Servants of the Immaculata Co-Op and Tutoring offers paid core and elective classes for grades Pre-K through 12th grade. We also have a nursery for ages 3 and under.

Participation Requirements

Any family that participates in the Co-Op is expected to co-teach one class or sign up for one support role. You may sign up for more than one position. All positions are paid.


Please sign your child(ren) up for the classes you want. If your child is not in a paid class, they need to be with you. There is a possibility of having a Study Hall. Please indicate whether you would like one on the registration form and we'll be in touch.


As a participant of SOI Co-op & Tutoring, please understand that your involvement and participation are necessary for the weekly success of the co-op.  Therefore, if I you are absent, it is your responsibility to find a  sub for all of your commitments: teaching, support role, and/or Adoration.

Please email the facilitators ( with any absences, those known in advance as well as last minute. Please include who your sub will be for each commitment.

If you are unable to find a sub for any given commitment, please notify the facilitators.

Parent Attendance

A parent must be present during the time the Co-Op is in session for all students 5th grade and below. Drop off is only for students 6th grade and up.

Payments: Registration Fee & Tuition

The registration fee of $100 is due upon Registration. This fee covers the rental of the facility and other operating costs. Tuition is broken into two payments: August 1, 2022 and December 1, 2022.

Sick Days

In consideration of SOI Co-op & Tutoring families, during times of illness, I understand that my child(ren) should stay home if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms, unrelated to any ongoing issues or allergies, within the last 24 hours:

  • fever,

  • cough (non-allergy related),

  • vomiting/diarrhea,

  • any contagious illness such as, but not limited to: pink eye, chicken pox, strep throat, etc.

We realize some sicknesses come about late in the evening on a Tuesday or during the night and you do not have time to find a sub. In these situations, please contact the facilitators directly so we can help you.

Snow Days
SOI Co-op follows Kalamazoo Public Schools in reference to snow days. The facilitators will send an email notification.


We realize some co-op families live quite far from St. Mary's in Kalamazoo. If you are that family and the weather near you is more severe than the Kalamazoo area, please discern whether it is safe for you to drive. If you decide it is unsafe, please treat the situation like a last minute illness and try to find a sub for your teaching and/or support role position(s).

Below you will find our Class Schedule for 2022-2023:




For both the co-op and tutored classes there is a $100.00 per family registration fee. The fee is used for building expenses and the operating costs of SOI. It is non-refundable.


You may pay one of two ways:

1. Online via Paypal by clicking the "Pay Online" button below.  PLEASE NOTE: after you enter the dollar amount, you will see the option to CHANGE “Paying for an Item or Service” to “Sending to a Friend" (please do NOT choose "Pay for Goods or Services" as this will charge SOI a fee).

2. You may also mail your payment to Ericka Onderlinde--email her at for her mailing address.




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