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6th - 8th Grade



Tutors: Shank, Rapelje, Campbell


Middle School Theology is a three-year rotating course. Each year, students will study the virtues in the first semester and the Baltimore Catechism in the second semester. Year 3 covers a review of what the virtues are along with a focus on the virtues that fall under the cardinal virtue of Justice. In the Baltimore Catechism, we'll focus on Part I: The Creed.

For the virtue study, we will be using materials from the Dominican Sisters in Ann Arbor. In addition to the study of the virtues, students will learn lectio divina (divine reading). They will also be preparing a project on their favorite saint in anticipation of All Saints Day.

Second semester will proceed with a course on the Catechism using the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 2. This semester students will also be assigned a project.

The teachers will also be presenting short lessons on the saints and liturgical living each week as well as having students memorize traditional Catholic prayers.

This is a graded course. Students are to expect weekly quizzes and end of semester tests in addition to weekly homework and the semester projects mentioned above.

Theology Book List (for new students; returning students already own these):    

Supply List:

  • folder

  • pen/pencil

Supply Fee: $5


Tutors: Herold

The publisher's website says this of Behold and See 6, the curriculum that will be used for 2023-24:

Behold and See 6 features an engaging, conversational style; a lavishly-illustrated, full-color interior; and hands-on experiments that actually work. Straight-forward explanations help students to master concepts as simply and easily as possible, while the hands-on approach allows students to actually do science instead of just reading about it. Behold and See 6 succeeds in teaching conceptually advanced material in a way that grabs students' interest.
Behold and See 6 focuses on physical science, ecology, and astronomy:

  • Physical science, chemistry and physics; in Unit 1, students study and experiment with matter and energy, electricity and magnetism, levers and pulleys, and similar topics.

  • In Unit 2, students tour the biomes of the world, meeting creatures as amusing as the shovel-snouted lizard and as sinister as the strangler fig. Along the way, students learn about interdependence, food chains, climates, and the remarkable “equipment” God has given His creatures to help them survive.

  • In the third and final unit, students discover the wonders of astronomy, using the skills learned in Units 1 and 2 to explore the night sky, solar system, galaxies, and the universe.


Students will be expected to complete assigned workbook pages at home and come class to respectfully participate in experiments and participate in knowledge check activities.

This will be a graded course.

Book List:

Supply List:

  • Colored pencils

Supply Fee: $20


Tutors: Fedewa, Onderlinde

Volume III: The Making of the Modern World continues the journey, picking up where Volume II left off amidst the Renaissance and quickly diving in to the history-altering events of the Reformation. This fracturing of the Church dramatically altered the course of modern Europe and the world at large.


But during the most tumultuous times, God gives us the greatest saints. Children will meet great figures like Sts. Pius V, Thomas More, John Vianney, and Margaret Mary Alacoque, as well as powerful leaders like Napoleon and Kings Henry VIII of England and Louis XIV of France.


This volume brings us through present-day Europe, showing us the effects of two world wars and how the Church responded to these changing times.

Book List:

Supply List:

  • folder

Supply Fee: $10

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