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6th - 8th Grade


1st Hour


Tutors: Shank, Rapelje, Campbell


Middle School Theology is a three-year rotating course. Each year, students will study the virtues in the first semester and the Baltimore Catechism in the second semester. Year 1 covers a review of what the virtues are along with a focus on the virtues that fall under the cardinal virtues of Prudence and Fortitude. In the Baltimore Catechism, we'll focus on Part II: The Commandments.

For the virtue study, we will be using materials from the Dominican Sisters in Ann Arbor. In addition to the study of the virtues, students will learn lectio divina (divine reading). They will also be preparing a project on their favorite saint in anticipation of All Saints Day.

Second semester will proceed with a course on the Catechism using the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 2. This semester students will also be assigned a project.

The teachers will also be presenting short lessons on the saints and liturgical living each week as well as having students memorize traditional Catholic prayers.

This is a graded course. Students are to expect weekly quizzes and end of semester tests in addition to weekly homework and the semester projects mentioned above.

Theology Book List (new students need all texts; returning students already own these):    

Supply List:

  • folder

  • pen/pencil

Supply Fee: $5

2nd Hour


Tutors: Fedewa, Onderlinde

Volume IV: The History of the United States

Beginning with Columbus when he sailed the open blue and extending into the present day, this volume tells the thrilling tale of our nation, both the good and the bad. Children will be introduced to heroic American saints like Juan Diego, Peter Claver, and Elizabeth Ann Seton, explorers like Lewis and Clark and Neil Armstrong, and a whole host of U.S. presidents, as well as relive some of the most significant events in our country’s past, like the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the assassination of President Lincoln, the Civil Rights Movement, the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, and many more.

Book List:

Supply List:

  • folder

Supply Fee: $10

3rd Hour

MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE: Anatomy & Physiology

Tutor: Kellogg

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is part of Apologia’s award-winning Young Explorer Series and a curriculum specifically designed for elementary students. God made the human body wonderfully, and in this course, your student will explore the intricate and amazing design of the human body–from head to toe.  You can read more at the book link below!

Students will be expected to complete assigned workbook pages at home and come class to respectfully participate in experiments and participate in knowledge check activities.

This will be a graded course.

Book List:

Supply List:

  • Three ring binder, dividers, lined notebook paper, and writing utensils

Supply Fee: $50-75, depending on number of students

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