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6th - 8th Grade



Tutors: Shank, Rapelje


Middle School Theology is a three-year rotating course. This year students will study the virtues in the first semester and Part 3 on The Sacraments and Prayer from the Baltimore Catechism in the second semester.

For the 2022-2023 school year, we will be using materials on the virtues and lectio divina (divine reading) from the Dominican Sisters in Ann Arbor. In addition to the study of the virtues and divine reading, students will be preparing a project on their favorite saint in anticipation of All Saints Day.

Second semester will proceed with a course on the Catechism using the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 2. This semester students will also be assigned a project.

The teachers will also be presenting short lessons on the saints and liturgical living each week.

This is a graded course. Students are to expect weekly quizzes and end of semester tests in addition to weekly homework and the semester projects mentioned above.

Theology Book List:    

Supply Fee: $5

COST: $75


Tutors: Meersma, Herold

The textbook Behold and See 5 is a ten chapter book that encompasses areas of study such as zoology, physiology, logic reasoning, human physiology, geology, atmosphere, and more. If you have felt frustrated with dry, generic science textbooks, you will be pleased that this book is written like a conversation—the author’s explanations are informative, fun and memorable. 


Students will be expected to complete assigned workbook pages at home and come class to respectfully participate in experiments and participate in knowledge check activities.

This will be a graded course.

Book List:

Supply Fee: $5

COST: $100


Tutors: Fedewa, Onderlinde

Students will be using Story of Civilization Volume II: The Medieval World. This books picks up just after the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Children will watch the seeds of Christendom being planted in the soil of Europe thanks to colossal figures like Sts. Benedict, Patrick and Ambrose. The wonder of the Medieval world comes alive with brilliant tales of knights, crusaders, castles and inventions.

You will need to purchase the textbook (1 per family for those with MS and 3/5 students).  We also recommend purchasing the activity book, though it is optional.  We will be using some of the map activities from the activity book.  It also has a lot of supplemental activities that can be used at home.

Middle school students will be expected to read a chapter each week.   We will have quizzes/tests on the reading material each week.  We will provide a book list (see attached below) that the students can choose 4 books from, 2 each semester.  The first three we will have a book report form for them to fill out.  The last book will require a written book report.  


This will be a graded course.

Book List:

  1. Story of Civilization Volume II: The Medieval World ($24.95; optional audio book available)

  2. The Story of Civilization Volume 2: The Medieval World (Activity Book), optional but recommended

Supply Fee: $10

COST: $75

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