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Pre-School - 5th Grade



Children 3 and under are welcome in the nursery. There will be three moms assigned to the nursery per hour. You may drop your child off for $25 per hour or you may stay with your child for free.

COST: $25/hour


Tutor: Born


This class will be lead with a Montessori approach. The children will have opportunities to refine practical life skills, work with sensorial materials, basic math & geography concepts as well as receiving instruction through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd approach. Truly a life-giving class, suited to each child's needs and inspiring them to learn and grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord.

Supply Fee: $10

COST: $100 ($50/hour x 2 hours)


Tutor: Walther

Kids will enjoy warm-up, stretching, relays, songs and dance, parachute, and classic childhood games. Some sport skills may be taught (hitting a ball off a T, throwing a ball, kicking a ball, passing a basketball, etc.), although this will be dependent on the class's interest. Similar in structure to a library story time, but with some huffing and puffing too. A great opportunity for our smaller students to take turns and listen to simple directions.


Donations of a few balls appropriately sized for students would be greatly appreciated. 

Supply Fee: $10

COST: $25


Tutors: Basler, Kammezind

The 1/2 class will be focused around children's great books.  Our lessons will be based on these books and will incorporate science, geography and history.  This class will be very hands on; we plan to cook, explore outside and create lots of art.  A few of the books we will be reading are Ferdinand, Make Way for Ducklings, and Owl Moon.

Supply Fee: $10

COST: $100 ($50/hour x 2 hours)


Tutor: Muehlhausen

An enriching variety of units to keep the kids moving with plenty of practice on fundamental skills taught through playing well designed games used by PE teachers. Favorite team sports and games thrown in along with some folk dancing and maybe tumbling if we can find enough mats.


Indoor and Outdoor sessions. Wear gym clothes and gym shoes.

Supply Fee: $10

COST: $25


Tutor: Garofola

Gym class for 3rd-5th grade will include an intro to a variety of sports along with other physical and fun games. Sports teach us life skills like learning and following rules, how to work as a team, and how to win and lose gracefully. Sprinkled into the year we will learn about health, fitness, and the physiology behind why these are essential not only to our body, but to our mind and spirit as well!


Class note: Please wear sneakers!

Supply Fee: $5

COST: $25


Tutor: Eschen

Behold and See 3 is intended to help children build a conceptual framework of scientific ideas and thinking.


A hands-on approach has been employed which allows children to do science rather than simply read about it. The unique layout of the lessons interweaves experiments and worksheets that take the student step by step through each concept.


Ten chapters in all: "What is Science?"; "Matter and Spirit"; "Force and Energy"; "The Sun, Moon, and Stars"; "Animals"; "Plants"; "Interdependence in God's Design"; "Many Parts, One Body"; "Senses"; "Nutrition and Health". Also includes a "Dictionary of Words to Learn"!

Book List:

Supply Fee: $10 for lots of experiments!

COST: $75


Tutors: Fedewa, Onderlinde

Students will be using Story of Civilization Volume II: The Medieval World. This books picks up just after the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Children will watch the seeds of Christendom being planted in the soil of Europe thanks to colossal figures like Sts. Benedict, Patrick and Ambrose. The wonder of the Medieval world comes alive with brilliant tales of knights, crusaders, castles and inventions.

You will need to purchase the textbook (1 per family for those with MS and 3/5 students).  We also require purchasing the activity book.  We will be using some of the map activities from the activity book.  It also has a lot of supplemental activities that can be used at home.

Students will be responsible for reading/listening to the chapter each week. We will follow up the reading with activities and discussion. 

Book List:

  1. Story of Civilization Volume II: The Medieval World ($24.95; optional audio book available)

  2. The Story of Civilization Volume 2: The Medieval World (Activity Book)

Supply Fee: $10

COST: $75

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