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Pre-School - 5th Grade



Children 3 and under are welcome in the nursery. There will be three moms assigned to the nursery per hour.


Tutors: J Swager, Triemstra


This class will be lead with a Montessori approach. The children will have opportunities to refine practical life skills, work with sensorial materials, basic math & geography concepts as well as receiving instruction through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd approach. Truly a life-giving class, suited to each child's needs and inspiring them to learn and grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord.

Supply Fee: TBD


Tutors: Born

Kids will enjoy warm-up, stretching, relays, songs and dance, parachute, and classic childhood games. Some sport skills may be taught (hitting a ball off a T, throwing a ball, kicking a ball, passing a basketball, etc.), although this will be dependent on the class's interest. Similar in structure to a library story time, but with some huffing and puffing too. A great opportunity for our smaller students to take turns and listen to simple directions.

Supply Fee: $10


Tutors: Basler, Kammezind

The 1/2 class will be focused around children's great books.  Our lessons will be based on these books and will incorporate science, geography and history.  This class will be very hands on; we plan to cook, explore outside and create lots of art.  A few of the books we will be reading are TBD.

Supply Fee: $10


Tutor: Muehlhausen, Himelrick

An enriching variety of units to keep the kids moving with plenty of practice on fundamental skills taught through playing well designed games used by PE teachers. Favorite team sports and games thrown in along with some folk dancing and maybe tumbling if we can find enough mats.


Indoor and Outdoor sessions. Wear gym clothes and gym shoes.

Supply Fee: $10



Gym class for 3rd-5th grade will include an intro to a variety of sports along with other physical and fun games. Sports teach us life skills like learning and following rules, how to work as a team, and how to win and lose gracefully. Sprinkled into the year we will learn about health, fitness, and the physiology behind why these are essential not only to our body, but to our mind and spirit as well!


Class note: Please wear sneakers!

Supply Fee: $5


Tutor: Pienta, Rossell

Behold and See 4: Human Anatomy and Health is intended to help children build a conceptual framework of scientific ideas and thinking.


From the publisher: "The first half of this worktext focuses on human anatomy, covering the function and location of most of the organs God has designed in the human body. A beautiful pro-life thread runs throughout the course. After studying the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, digestive, and urinary systems, the student will make the "Human Body Felt Project," an inexpensive and wonderful teaching tool your student will be proud to have made.

The second half of the course provides an overview of nutrition, health, and First Aid from a Catholic perspective. In simple, clear terms, the course first explains nutrients and how to create a balanced diet, then moves on to cover disease prevention, hygiene, posture, exercise, and more. The course concludes by detailing basic First Aid treatments for a variety of medical situations, from bug bites to frostbite."

Book List:

Supply Fee: $20


Tutors: Fedewa, Onderlinde

Volume III: The Making of the Modern World continues the journey, picking up where Volume II left off amidst the Renaissance and quickly diving in to the history-altering events of the Reformation. This fracturing of the Church dramatically altered the course of modern Europe and the world at large.


But during the most tumultuous times, God gives us the greatest saints. Children will meet great figures like Sts. Pius V, Thomas More, John Vianney, and Margaret Mary Alacoque, as well as powerful leaders like Napoleon and Kings Henry VIII of England and Louis XIV of France.


This volume brings us through present-day Europe, showing us the effects of two world wars and how the Church responded to these changing times.

Book List:

Supply List:

  • colored pencils

Supply Fee: $10

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